Board Games: They’re not just for kids

I have played board games since I was a kid?  Who didn’t?  However, the board games I played when I was young are completely different than the board games I play now.  Everyone has played games like Monopoly, Sorry!, and Clue when they were young, and they were all a lot of fun.  However, they are all fairly simple games to play.  Once you have played them once, you know how to play and a general strategy to employ to try to win.

The board games I play now, however, are on a completely different level than those I played as a kid.  When I blog about board games now and in the future, I will not be referencing those games from my childhood.  I will instead be referencing board games like Le Havre, Power Grid, and Arkham Horror just to name a few (card games like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity will also be considered board games for blogging purposes).  These games are much more complex and have numerous strategies you can employ when trying to win.


I used to think board games were used as simple distractions for kids to keep them occupied while having fun.  It wasn’t until I was exposed to these more complex games that I started thinking that these games could actually teach you useful skills that you could use in your everyday life.  The shear amount of things that you have to keep track of, the various strategies available, the strategies of your opponents, these are just some of the things that these games require you to constantly pay attention to while playing.

Board games also offer a variety of play styles.  Several are every person for themselves, but several are team versus team, or everyone on the same team versus some big evil.  So, no matter what play style you like, there’s numerous games to choose from.

As I continue with this blog, I will call out specific board games that I feel provide a good concept or lesson that is useful in everyday life.  Sometimes I will write about board games that offer more than one valuable concept, other times I will write about a couple different board games that offer the same valuable concept.  I will do my best to mix it up a bit and try not to reference the same games more than once.

What’s your favorite board game from your childhood?  What’s your favorite board game now?  Please feel free to leave a comment.


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