Becoming more social

There is a good chance that you will be nervous and hesitant the first time you try tabletop roleplaying.  I know I was.  The very first time I “tried” tabletop roleplaying was my freshman year in college.  I quoted the word “tried” because the campaigns never manifested.  All that happened was talking about ideas and concepts for a campaign and throwing together a couple of characters and maybe attempting to play them once.  However, this short experience did offer me a couple insights: I am not alone in the extent of my nerdiness, and there is a wide range of options when it comes to tabletop roleplaying.

Finding out that there were others that played these tabletop roleplaying games was a big release.  Tabletop roleplayers from the perspective I used to have were always considered the pinnacle of being a nerd; the kings and queens of nerdom, if you will.  I had always liked video games since I was a kid, but I never thought that I would ever get into tabletop roleplaying; it was even too nerdy for me.  However, I decided to see what it was all about.

I cannot honestly say exactly how it came about.  I started talking to the guys who lived next door to my friends in the dorm about getting a campaign going. We were going to be joined by their friend who lived just across the hall.  The campaign they wanted to start was a Vampire campaign (I cannot remember which flavor of Vampire it was, but it was in late 2000, or early 2001, if that narrows it down).  One of them had the books and we all spent several hours throughout the week coming up with ideas and using the books to build our characters.  However, the campaign never got off the ground due to everyone’s differing schedules.  dsc08172-e1287723519881We would try again later to run a Council of Wyrms campaign, but that one also failed due to scheduling.

What did occur was that I made three new friends.  At that point in time, I had gone through my first few months of college only hanging out with the friends I had made in high school.  I hung out with them all the time.  I never really wanted to venture out of my comfort zone.  However, this activity, that I had previously looked down as being too nerdy even for me, allowed me to make some new friends.  I believe that they were the first friends I had ever made that I didn’t know from a class or from sports (pretty much all friends I had up to that point I met in class in high school, in one of the sports I played in high school, or through a mutual friend).  They also helped open my eyes a bit that there are people out there that enjoy tabletop roleplaying, and I was now one of them.  They also showed me that tabletop roleplaying was a wide, wide world with many different systems, lore, game play, and characters you could play.

When did you first start playing tabletop roleplaying games?  Please leave a comment below or share on Twitter.


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