Teamwork with World of Warcraft

Teamwork is very important in the professional world for most people are either on a team or rely on a team to get their work completed.  On a team it is important to understand what everyone can do.  It is also important to divvy out tasks appropriate to what each individual can do that contributes to getting the project done on time.  However, learning to be on a team, and to work well with your other teammates, can be a difficult task.  Some of us are lone wolves who try to do everything ourselves.  Some of us may try to sit in the back and not try as hard and let the rest of the team pick up the slack.  Neither of these types are productive or helpful, but there is something that can help these people, and others, realize the benefits of working and contributing to a team.

High level raiding in MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games).

I’ll be referencing WoW (World of Warcraft) because that is what I currently play.  Raiding in WoW brings a group of characters, often from the same guild (a collection of friends, either in-game and/or in real life that enjoy playing the game together) into their own instance where they have to tackle more difficult PvE (Player vs Environment) content.  This content is not possible to defeat without a group of people.  In previous expansions, raids took anywhere from 10 to 40 people.  Since it requires a number of people to complete, and a great amount of time to complete, it is imperative that everyone know what they are doing and what to look out for.

You can see me in the upper right corner run past the boss to the right.  That's where the Siege Engineer I am supposed to deal with is.
You can see my character in the upper right corner run past the boss to the right. That’s where the Siege Engineer I am supposed to deal with is.  If I don’t take care of the engineer, we lose the fight.

What you are supposed to be doing and what you need to look out for is highly dependent on what class you are playing.  If you are a DPS class (Damage Per Second, or just Damage), your job is to attack the creatures in the raid (this ranges from raid bosses to random mobs [trash] inside the raid instance).  If you have a special job as DPS, like I did on the Garrosh fight in SoO, you need to pay attention to certain things.  For Garrosh, my job was killing one of the Siege Engineers.  Failing to do so would result in a wipe (where everyone dies and we have to start again).  However, this is the same for everyone participating in the raid; you will need to perform a task when a certain event happens and if you don’t the whole team fails.

Because of this nature, each member of the raid team will be assigned specific tasks.  If one member of the team is unable to perform their task, they need to recognize it, step aside and let someone else handle it.  If they insist on doing it, and continue to fail, then they are doing a disservice to the team as a whole for the team can only progress if everyone does their part.  You will not be kicked out of the raid team if you cannot perform the specific task, you will just be reassigned to something else.  However everyone must be on the same page and understand their abilities and limitations if they want to be able to defeat the current raid boss.

This translates directly into the real world and into your professional life.  Just like my guild wouldn’t have been able to defeat Garrosh if I didn’t successfully handle the Siege Engineers, when you are on a team, everyone must do their part.  Everyone contributes to the project as a whole.  If you are assigned a specific task that you are unable to complete, you must let the team know so they can shift people around so that all tasks are completed correctly.  However, unlike with WoW, do overs in the professional world are rare.  Therefore it is very important that everyone on the team know what they need to do and make sure they are capable of doing it.

Do you play WoW?  What is your favorite aspect of the game?  Please let me know below in the comments and/or on Twitter.

Gif courtesy of

Video source for the gif courtesy of (Garrosh Hellscream fight).  This is my guild from World of Warcraft when we were Horde on the Destromath server.


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