Thoughts about An Act of God and being a nerd

Another video from my time in NYC, but instead of broadcasting from the beautiful Central Park, I am coming to you from my hotel room.

I went to the Broadway play An Act of God starring Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory.  I want to do a quick review of the play and tie it into the topics I discuss on my blog; basically being a nerd is cool..ish, but definitely awesome.

The show was fantastic, truly funny from the beginning to the end.  Jim Parsons started off by making a joke about how God was coming down to possess the body of Sheldon Cooper.  This ties into why I think Jim Parsons was able to have his own Broadway show and that is because of the success of Big Bang Theory, a show l love.  The show does have some negative stereotypes of nerds, but the passion they show for “nerdy” things in the show is definitely true in real life.

Because nerd culture is kind of the new thing, Big Bang Theory is incredibly popular.  Because of the popularity of Big Bang, Jim Parsons was able to land his own Broadway show and be awesome.  There’s a lot of humor in the show where the premise is God came down to have a chat with us.  He is flanked by a couple angels, Gabriel and Michael, who have their unique roles and tie everything into Jim playing God and going over his new 10 commandments.  There is a bit of politics in it, but regardless of your political affiliation, it was very funny.  He goes through the creation of the universe and it was awesome.  I definitely recommend this show to anyone looking to see a Broadway show.

It was in Studio 54, which provided a fantastic venue to see a show like this.  Definitely picture worthy, but, unfortunately, no pictures are allowed.  It would have been worth it to try to sneak one, but I am a rule follower and didn’t risk it.

Again, basically the popularity of nerds and nerd culture contributes greatly to the success and popularity of Big Bang Theory, which then allowed a cast member of that show to have their own Broadway play.   Without the existence of nerd culture, I do not believe Jim Parsons having his own play would be possible.  10 years ago I don’t think this would be possible.  While there were nerdy shows back then, none really brought nerd culture to the forefront as Big Bang has.

If you have had a chance to see this play, please leave a comment and we can start up some dialogue.  If you agree with me on how nerd culture being in leading to this Broadway play happening, please leave a comment.  Comments are always appreciated.  Thank you.


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