Pathfinder Character Creation

While I was out on vacation, a misfortune befell me.  I made a classic mistake of not leaving my character sheet before I went out of town, knowing that I was going to be missing a session.  So, needless to say, while I was in Boston and New York City on vacation, my fighter was killed.  He was a Viking archetype fighter and I really enjoyed playing him, but now I have to make a new character.  This video is a brief look into the process I go through when making a new character.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have all the necessary books available in some format before you start making your character.  I find Ultimate Equipment to be an awesome, must-have book, but even more important than that is having the Core Rulebook.  The character I am going to make is a 20 point buy, level 5, two trait fighter.

The first thing I come up with, when creating a new character, is a concept.  For this build I am going with a two-weapon fighter named Comm Red (yes, like comrade), who is going to fight with a hammer and sickle (yes, this is a reference to the Soviet flag…I couldn’t help myself).  He’s going to use the sickle to trip you and then he is going to hit you in the head with a hammer.  After I come up with the concept, then I start building the actual character.

For this character, instead of starting with the stats and building everything on down, I am, instead, going to start with the feats.  The feats are going to be the most important thing for this build that I need to focus on because I need to make sure I get the correct ones.  There’s a whole tree for two-weapon fighting, so I am going to start there.

I am happy that I looked at the feats first because the start of the two-weapon fighting feat tree, Two-Weapon Fighting, requires a Dex of 15.  Had I not looked at this first, I might not have put enough points into Dex and would have needed to redo my stats.  The other feats I need to focus on are those for tripping, since that is a major part of my fighter’s concept.  The start of that tree is Combat Expertise which requires and Int of 13, which I probably would have also skimped on.  I am really glad I looked the feats first instead of building my stats, because I would have made several mistakes due to my unfamiliarity with two-weapon fighting.

Even though I mentioned I would post this on Friday or Saturday, that was 12 days ago.  I reference my vacation in the video and decided I was going to post the two videos I took on vacation first.

As I mentioned in the video, there might be an archetype for a two-weapon fighter.  There is.  It’s in the Advanced Player’s Guide and called Two-Weapon Warrior.  Instead of going with that archetype, I just built a straight up two-weapon fighter.

As promised, here’s the scans of my Happy Camper character sheets.

First page of my fighter's character sheet
First page of my fighter’s character sheet
Second page of my fighter's character sheet
Second page of my fighter’s character sheet
Third page of my fighter's character sheet
Third page of my fighter’s character sheet








I did make a mistake with my armor choice, as having Armor Training 1 allows me to move full speed in medium armor.  I will be looking for medium armor to rectify this error, though doubt I will be able to get any before we tackle the final dungeon in Mummy’s Mask book 2.

I also double dipped into Weapon Focus.  First one was to give me a +1 to trip with my sickle.  The other was to open up Weapon Specialization for the hammer as Weapon Focus is a prereq.

To give you an idea how crazy I am with my extensive character sheets, my Magus, which I mentioned in the video, covers seven character sheets.  Yes, I am insane.

What do you think about the Happy Camper character sheets?  Do you think I did my feats correctly?  Are there any I should have taken?  Please leave a comment and/or share on Twitter.


Play yourself

When it comes time to creating a new character to play in any tabletop roleplaying system, we often let our imaginations run wild (which is absolutely a great thing) trying to come up with the most clever, creative, crazy character ever.  For me, anyways, the more creative and clever a character theme I can come up with, the more I enjoy building that character from the ground up and the more I enjoy playing them.  However, what would happen if we try a different approach to character creation?  What if we brought it a bit closer to home?  It might just open our eyes a bit.

The different approach I am proposing is: play yourself.

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Granted, this is going to be a bit more complicated than that.  You will need to mold your character around the system and theme of what you are playing.  Whatever character you decide to play, be it as close as possible to what you can do in real life or not, the most important part is to have their personality match yours entirely.  Now, I do not want you to give your new character your personality as you think or feel others see it, but as you yourself see it.  This will require you to be completely honest with yourself and will take a bit of self-reflection.  We might not like doing this but I feel, strongly, that we will benefit from this exercise.

Please, only try this if both of the following are true: 1) you are playing with a tight knit group of friends who know you very well, and 2) that you let them know, explicitly, that you are playing a character with your personality.  I say this because people tend to behave differently when they are around others they do not know as well.  We only truly open up and are most comfortable being vulnerable in front of our close friends; we trust them and trust is the willingness to be vulnerable.  I also say this because it may not be as obvious as we think to everyone that you are playing yourself.

To me, this exercise can yield some outcomes that will be beneficial to you.  The most obvious one that comes to mind is that how you see yourself is not how your friends see you.  Your close friends most likely see you differently than you do.  This exercise will allow you to see yourself at a different angle and see where you can work to grow as a person.  And your friends, more likely than not, will be happy to help you on that journey.  This can help you work through issues you are having in your life and help you move forward.

Have you ever tried this before?  How did it go?  Please feel free to leave a comment and/or share on Twitter.